Our Story

Professional Career

This story began in 1989 while working as a local county Health Inspector responsible for septic system reviews, approvals and inspections. During a career which began in 1975 my duties included septic system approvals along with variety of other Public Health programs.

Outhouse in the 80’s

Simcoe County included a number of cities like Barrie, Collingwood, Midland, Alliston, Bradford and many smaller communities such as Elmvale and Coldwater. Because of the proximity to Metro Toronto the county has always been a growth area and much of it was being developed using rural sub-divisions serviced by septic systems.

The work load in septic system reviews, installations and approvals allowed me to become a septic system expert. Reviewing sub-division proposals required a detailed investigation of soils and site conditions relative to septic systems and the current Environmental laws governing them.

My curiosity about the waste water industry led me on a search for what was new and innovative in order to stay on top of changes and new products being introduced. In 2000, I finally made the leap into private business leaving a 25 year career with the County to follow my dreams. My first company was involved in bringing a new septic system product to the Ontario market through a consulting contract with the owners of the technology. During the next ten years travelling across Ontario training and supporting septic contractors, engineering firms, and inspectors allowed me to see another side of the waste water industry in Ontario.

The First Fake Rocks

The first time I saw a fake rock was about 1988 at a wastewater conference in Waterloo, Ontario and it was being shown by a local septic contractor. Over the next year I began to refer inquiries to the contractor when asked the question “How can I hide that septic lid?”

Eventually customers came back saying that they could not find him or that the product was not available. It turns out that he never had any rock inventory and could only get it by ordering from the USA. I decided to find the manufacturer and find out who the Ontario distributor was so I could correctly refer customers to that business. It turned out that DekoRRa Products from Wisconsin did not have anyone under contract to import their products into Ontario or Canada. This was an easy decision, my wife and I travelled to the US to meet the owners and get the contract.

Beginning in 1988 FauxRocks Canada became the distributor for DekoRRa Products and grew the company into a national distribution network with 45 dealers across 10 provinces.

Success Creates the Next Chapter!

In 2017 FauxRocks Canada was sold, and I’m staying on board as a FauxRocks dealer in Barrie, Ontario, under the new FauxRocks Canada ownership.

My goals and plan for FauxRocks Barrie is to serve Simcoe County and the surrounding area with the DekoRRa Products line of FauxRocks. Landscaping is the primary use for the rocks but landscape lighting has become very popular since last year. Hiding utility items like septic system lids, electrical posts and well heads are only a few of the uses and I am sure customers will come up many more.

– Jerry Bruce